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Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

Viavia1 untuk Mata

Via has been a blessing to my life! We started taking Via in August 2005, within a few days I noticed I was sleeping through out the night (prior to Via I was waking up almost every night and not able to go back to sleep.) Then about a month later after being on Via I no longer required my albuterol inhaler for my asthma. N. works in over 100 degree weather during the summer without the comfort of air conditioning! After taking Via he stated he felt energized and could work longer in the heat and not feel drained! Then in February 06, I noticed that my vision was blurring, so I made my appointment for my yearly exam. I have been wearing glasses since Junior High School, each year my eyes have gotten progressively worse. For the first time since having my eyes examined the Doctor advised me that they would need to reduce my prescription because my prescription was too strong!!!
I was so excited I started calling family and friends telling them about this marvelous product! Via is responsible for all my great health and I thank GOD for introducing Via into our lives!

Cheryl J.
Fresno, CA US
Via telah menjadi berkat bagi hidup saya! Kami mulai mengambil Via pada bulan Agustus 2005, dalam beberapa hari aku perhatikan aku dapat tidur dengan pulas sepanjang malam (sebelum Via saya bangun hampir setiap malam dan tidak dapat kembali tidur.) Sekitar sebulan kemudian setelah konsumsi Via saya tidak lagi memerlukan inhaler albuterol untuk asma saya. Dan bekerja di cuaca lebih dari 100 derajat Fahreinheit selama musim panas tanpa kenyamanan pendingin udara! Setelah mengambil Via saya menyatakan saya merasa bersemangat dan bisa bekerja lebih lama dalam panas dan tidak merasa dikeringkan! Kemudian pada bulan Februari 06, saya melihat bahwa pandangan saya kabur, jadi saya membuat janji saya untuk cek mata tahunan saya. Saya telah memakai kacamata sejak SMP, setiap tahun mata saya semakin buruk. Untuk pertama kalinya sejak minum Via dokter menyarankan saya bahwa mereka akan perlu untuk mengurangi resep saya karena resep saya terlalu kuat!
Saya sangat senang saya mulai menelepon keluarga dan teman-teman memberitahu mereka tentang produk ini luar biasa! Via bertanggung jawab untuk semua kesehatan yang besar dan saya berterima kasih kepada Tuhan untuk memperkenalkan Via ke dalam hidup kami!
 Cheryl J.
Fresno, CA US


I will be 50 years old later this year, and as "a young man growing older" I thought I had seen a lot of miraculous things, but Via really surprised me!
I have been wearing reading glasses for the past 2 years, and I thought it was going to be a part of my lifestyle forever to always have to wear those annoying things. I love to read, so wearing glasses was not a welcomed idea.
After using Via for only three weeks, I happened to look out over the top of my glasses while reading, and to my surprise, I didn't need them to see the regular book print! I took off the glasses and now after a few months on Via, I not only read books without glasses, I make a game of finding the smallest print I can and I read it, "just because I can!" I honestly couldn't tell you where either pair of my old reading glasses are at this moment! Thanks Via! I see the world better because of this product!

Gary H
South Haven, MI USA


At 44 I thought I'd beaten bifocals but no, in this last year I've noticed I had to read everything at arms length! What a bummer! Also my night vision is so bad I didn't drive into unfamiliar territory after dark. After taking a twice daily dose of Via for a 2-3 weeks I began to notice I was sitting reading at the table like the old days! No more pushing things back AND I could even read the footnotes at the bottom of the page with ease at 12 inces from my face! Last week, I drove across the metroplex afterdark and found I could even read the street signs and licence plates of cars around me in dim light! I'm Amazed!
Now when I'm with my "older" friends and by the end of the evening they start pulling out the reading glasses I'm very quick to offer to read it for them! It only takes them a minute until they can't help from asking and I can't help from telling them ...about Via!
My mom even wants it now that she's seen the diffence in me!
Thanks for all the hard work that went into Via!
You did it right!

Terri M.
Ft. Worth, TX, USA


After just three weeks on Via my wife and I both noticed our energy level lasting longer and we are both sleeping much sounder. The big difference for me was that after just two months on Via I noticed my vision improving. My distant vision has improved to the point that I no longer wear my glasses. I'm hopeful that Via will continue to work on my vision. This product is remarkable and that is a lot for me to say as I tend to be very analytical and hesitant about hearing such claims from strangers. But...I encourage everyone to give it a try for a couple of months to see what it may do for their individual health. My wife and I do the business to supplement our income. I'm a minister and Bible College professor and hopeful that Via will bring my wife home from her job in the coming year.

Eddy J.
Winter Garden, FL USA


I have been fortunate (so far) to not suffer from major symptoms of an illness. Many testimonials on this site have raved about the effectiveness that Via has in relieving discomforts and challenges in the body. My testimonial is the result of pleasant surprises and prevention.
Having no expectations of the product,I began taking Via early in April 2004 and have noticed many benefits of the phytotonic.
My gums have always bled while brushing my teeth for as long as I can remember. That no longer is the case.
I am experiencing the symptoms associated with menopause but on a much reduced level; no night sweats and minor mood swings.
My thought processes seem to be more acute and the eye-hand coordination I experience in my favorite sport has improved my game...and attitude!
I take Via for occassional headaches instead of reaching for my Tylenol.
I firmly believe that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I plan to take Via for the rest of my life. Heart disease runs in my family and I would like to change the pattern of the progression.
I can't imagine not having Via!

Gale B.
Apache Junction, AZ USA


I'm 48 yrs old and in very good health, I've been doing everything possible over the years to slow down aging and stay healthy, doing anti-oxidant therapies and never saw this kind of progress this fast. I've been on VIA since the first week of April 04 and I want to let everyone know what's happened in about two and a half months.I now sleep all night, wake up with out an alarm at 5:30 am everyday totally rested, my need for anxiety medication is gone, my only ache(old baseball injury) an arthritic right knee is gone, my eye sight is hugely immproved and my level of energy and well being is pretty unbelivable. Now what I really want to talk to you about are my wife's results, (you see we have 3 teenager in the house) Her depression and constant headaches of years are NO MORE they are gone. She looks like she's had a face lift and she is not tired all the time anymore, I've got a new Wife! Let me also add that my 16yr old High School Varsity ball player takes his 2 to 3 doses of VIA daily without fail. He has kicked his level of play up a few notches his endurance during practice is incredible, he is running faster and he's much sharper on the field.I can go on and on, my other Kids, my 82 yr old Dad, my Mother my Wife's Mother but you'll be reading all day so lets put it in a nutshell,if you are reading this and are not taking VIA yet stop right here, find a bottle of the juice take a dobble shot(to make up for lost time) and don't ever, ever stop taking it unless of course you want to die young. I mean that!

Tampa, Fl.


Hi, my name is Carla. I am 64 years old, and live in Orlando, FL.
I am a liver transplant patient, receiving my new liver 6 years ago this month. These years have been challenging because of the harsh medicines I must take to keep my new liver.
I was very anxious to try Via, and am so glad I did. I wish to saturate every cell with it!
Since I have started using Via I am sleeping better, have better digestion, better mood, creativity I never even knew I had, and my 25 year old night blindness has disappeared.
Am I psyched?
I thank my Heavenly Father for inspiring men like Dr. Pedersen and his associates who do so much good for humankind.
My new motto is, “Viva Via!”
Thank you.

Carla E.
Orlando, FL   USA


My 85-year-old mother, Sara has severe macular degeneration in one eye. When she would look straight at my face, she would see only a black circle. After taking Via, the black circle the size of my face has shrunk to the size of a half-dollar so that her vision has improved significantly.

Susan M.

Closter, NJ USA

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